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As with most of the items at My Pretty Week, whether you have your dividers laminated is up to you, hence the add on.

When I first started My Pretty Week back in 2014, none of my dividers were laminated. I didn't even own a laminator, I had no intention of laminating any of my dividers because the cardstock I was using was so thick, it didn't seem necessary.

In the first month of opening, I received lots of messages asking if I could laminate dividers, so I bought a laminator, some pouches, tested it out for a bit and then changed my listings so that ALL dividers were laminated.

After doing that, three issues arose. Firstly, I despised how the dividers looked with overhang. The patterns themselves were lovely and then there was the horrible plasticky bleh-ness along all of the edges. Secondly, I started to get messages from people who didn't want their dividers to be laminated because they wanted to put titles on them or just wanted to laminate them themselves, and thirdly it took a long time to make the dividers this way. I was still working my day job and I was spending every spare moment working my shop.

So in month three of opening (and at this point I was still pinching myself that people were buying what I had to sell!) I made two decisions; to look for a thinner cardstock which I could laminate and trim off the ugly overhang, and to give my customers the choice. After all, wasn't that what I wanted My Pretty Week to be about? Giving my customers the freedom to decide where they wanted their tabs, where they wanted the patterns. Why not give them the choice of whether they want their dividers laminated?

The add on listing was born. Customers used it or they didn’t, but every now and then, for whatever reason, there will be a run of customers who don’t realise that the dividers won’t arrive laminated if they haven’t purchased the add on. I think there has and probably always will be a disquiet or uneasiness when it comes to money matters in creative industries. Yes, I charge extra to laminate the dividers. The thinner card that I use for them is more expensive, the lamination pouches are not cheap and then there’s the running of the laminators themselves, and the time it takes me to make them.

So that’s why My Pretty Week is set up the way it is. If you choose an option which is going to cost me more to make, then it will inevitably cost you more. Not because I am a greedy, profit hungry human being, but because my time and my skills are worth something, and just like you, I have to keep the lights on too.

Lisa xo